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My name is Haico Kaashoek. I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in California where I lived for over 22 years. Because writing and reading are my passions, I completed BA’s in both English and Philosophy and thereby cultivated a powerful, native control of the language. Over the course of my challenging academic career, I wrote, researched, and edited texts of all forms in analytical and creative settings with a precise eye for detail. I have recently moved from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, where I will continue working as a freelance writer and editor. My services apply to businesses and individuals.

Current Status: At present, I am available for ghostwriting, translation, and editing work.

I offer the following services:

Dutch to English Translations

Combining the language I grew up with and my English expertise, I offer translation services from Dutch to English for literary and commercial texts.

English Edits

Depending on your vision and the length of the text, I offer line edits, proofreading, and rewrites for both literary and commercial works.


I offer ghostwriting services in English for professionals of all subjects.

Book Readings and Pitches

Whether they are books in Dutch or English, I can write pitches in both languages for the international or local publishing market.

Web Content

With a proven history of academic research and composition, I can write web content in English for a wide range of subjects and tones for commerical, literary, and blog placement.